Grim Reaper

The Grim Reaper GLA 2021-02-22

You can practice all your chops at home until your fingers are all sore, so now you play like Satrinani or those Gods you used to adore. But the only gigs to play now are in your bedroom at your place. You can play to your heart’s content on Zoom -or similar- where latency takes place.

Now, don’t start booking gigs ‘cause there’s nothing you can do, ‘cause everything is on line and it always will be for you. By the time you get to playing with a crowd you can be sure, you will all be pushing 80, and you won’t know what its for.

They say I’m completely crackers, but I dislike the word ‘complete’, but now: “If the band you’re in starts playing different tunes” you can delete. So I’ll listen to the tunes that I always have once more, and remember the good old times when I used to play before.

So, just wear your paisley embroidered mask to look more casual, and pose around your mirror (with your Strat) and prance around the floor. But don’t bother plugging it in because there’s nobody to play to anymore, just dance and sing ‘till the grim reaper rings your bell upon your door.

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