The Wind

The wind GLA 2021-02-22

One thought, one word, a direction explained, and all at once, a lifetime's changed. Completely different from the one you’re in, you did not see it come, but that’s where you’ve been.

Don’t look back, that’s what they say, we are who we are along the way. A dream it was, I had one day, It could come back anyway.

One day, we’ll spend some time along the way, the road of life is full of friends who may. A friend is more than losing it all, for decisions made at times- to make up rhymes.

Don’t let the time that may have been, be a crime scene left with no hope or dream. A dream is more than nothing before, It exists unlike no memory at all.

Maybe, in another lifetime, we’d have time to shine, but the cards were stacked on the dotted line. The contract was read, but the line was blurred, we signed but the wind was all we heard.


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