Melted Cheese

I wish i could spend my life with ease and grow my hair down to my knees, a way that swayed away all through the trees, with boursin, brie and camembert, or any kind of melted cheese.

My doctor , he said go down hunt for peas, to a village, down a path, I could rest my head between my knees, I can't go now, but someday I hope to go, and keep some bees to make some honey for breakfast with some coffee and melted cheese.

All my life, I've spent searching for different kinds of dairy, but all the places that I've been have been quite contrary, so I thought that I'd find a place, with a life of peace, some where I could put my feet up out of the cold where they wouldn't freeze.

I do not belong here, not here, in Belize, my heart is where my soul lies, some where where people dream, somewhere where my life and soul, they both would have prestige , somewhere where, where they happen to serve melted cheese.

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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Sun 21st Feb 2021 14:52

Cheesy rhyme time? luckily I have just eaten recently enough or otherwise I'd probably have succumbed to this blatant marketing spiel. 😁

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