Stolen Heart

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I was lost in a desert of disappointment 

Drowning in a stormy sea of sorrow

But then you came along and rescued me 

Now I have got a brand new tomorrow

I bask in the eternal sunshine of your  soul

As I float on a cloud in a clear blue sky

Warm inside despite the winter chill 

Remembering the day when you caught my eye 


You have taken me to a wondrous place 

An oasis of happiness, laughter and joy

Just the thought of you puts a smile on my face

This is the beginning, the absolute start

What the future holds who alone can tell 

Will we stay together or will love tear us apart 

The truth never lies - you are a beautiful thief

And you have stolen my heart 

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Tom Doolan

Mon 15th Feb 2021 16:06

Thanks for likes - Hugh, Holden & Scattered Sun. T 😊👍

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