dignity within

Dignity Within

Don’t mess with my heart, don’t be too unkind. You don’t know the extent of my love, and what you have in mine.

Don’t mess with my mind, because there’s something you don’t know, that you have the reins to my life and you’d better not let go.

I’ve been down that tunnel of love once before, and I never once asked for more. But you came along and you shattered my dreams, and now my heart is torn at the seams.

Don’t mess with my Life, its had more than It’s share, of one or two double crosses to bear, and a waste of many years with no hope and despair.

Don’t take out your anguish on me, ‘cause I’ve seen the path that is free, from the clutches that try to keep me in the realms of my family tree.

I’ve seen the light now, and its bright as a star, I’ve conquered battles with my Soul every hour, so, don’t you see, that you’re playing a game, in which the loser could be left quite insane.

Don’t leave me out on a limb, on a train to the end of the line, where I find once again that my time is spent living with no dignity within.

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