Naked                         GLA               2021-02-01                        


 You were born naked, now you die naked in a grave dug in the desert by a man who saved himself from a fate worse than the death he gave to you.                                                                                                          The man he had no name, but he was caught up in the game of keeping up the framework of the plan.                                                                     The teamwork of the players who climbed through the layers of this organised chaos they call the clan.                                                                                        If you don’t fit in with the methods of the Union of the brothers, you can count yourself alone with your last breath.                                                                                                     You must give in to the laws that give them so much more,  they’re the gangsters who fulfil their game of death.                                                                                 Take your life gently through the maze and don’t look back, walk away from the past if you want to last along the track.                                                                                                 The trouble was:  you didn’t fit in with the brothers, so now you can count yourself away from the others, alone and 6’ under, flat on your back.

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