I have searched this world for centuries

Just for you.

Bleak and empty I walked through

Countless lifetimes.

My heart barren.

My eyes seeing only

Dark shades of gray.

The impending darkness forever

Beating at my withered soul.

Then I saw you.

In an instant my world blazed to life.

The color of your power nearly blinding me.

The waves of emotions washing over my heart.

I was lost in the tidal wave of your scent.

You are my color.

My heart.

The light that drives out the darkness.

The missing half of my tortured soul.

For you I will walk through the flames of hell.

For one touch of your hand,

I will battle the devil himself.

For a taste of your lips,

I will rearrange the stars.

To hold you in my arms,

In my heart,

In my soul,

I will sacrifice it all.

No one can touch you as I can.

No one can complete you as I can.

With one look at your angel face,

You wiped away my darkness.

You swept away lifetimes of pain.

I am the monster in the dark.

I am a hunter without equal.

I have continued on with no remorse,

No feeling, no heart.

I am undefeated.

Yet with one touch of your hand,

I am brought to my knees.

You and you alone have the power,

To tame the monster and cower the beast.

Whatever part of my tattered soul is left,

It is yours, as is the whole of my heart.


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Sat 23rd Jan 2021 22:47

I'm glad you liked it. Thank you for reading it.

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Wed 20th Jan 2021 01:31

This is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us. I will be back to read it again and again. ❤️

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