Unprecedented New Year

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Unprecedented New Year

New year's eve
up early, the heavens have opened
snow for a change, somewhat unprecedented these days
global warming, climate change and all that

only one thing to do
an early morning walk in the park
I love the river, especially in the fresh snow
got to make the most of it

thoughts for the new year, unprecedented
time to reflect on a year like no other

some folk having a rare snowball fight
a few others walking their dogs, they love it

some of them play fighting, one gets too excited
his owner shouts 'Tokyo, Tokyo!'
I wonder if he feels daft shouting that?
he isn't even Japanese, maybe the dog is
even it's name is unprecedented

I sit on a park bench, looking into the horizon
it's cold and damp, but it doesn't matter
the fog starts to decsend again
as if it wants to shroud the future

after the year we've had
unprecedented, yes we know
who the hell knows what the next will bring...

Jeff Dawson December 2020

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