Songs From The Umbra

we found each other’s bodies

in a pile of bodies

writhing and squirming for the light


you were pulling petals off flowers

I was teaching young children how to swear

and in that moment of passion

such beauty, such surprise

that you would come over to my side,


we appeared preserved

as in a woodcut in Death’s private study


where his desk was carved

with gargoyle heads and real heads

all open-mouthed and stretched

and I’ve never seen so many names on lists

and even he couldn’t stop all of the light

coming through the blinds,


although I knew it was you,


and the saddest place to sit

is on a kitchen floor

not knowing what words to think

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Clive Culverhouse

Fri 18th Dec 2020 10:57

Songs From The Umbra
poetry by Clive Culverhouse

a poem of self struggle where both sides within come together

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