Glazing into the sun

Glazing into the sun


Lord your Love is All I need

Won’t you just pour

It out on me

Overfill my cup

So my spirit will be

Filled up

Your Love is that

Of pure bliss

Touch my heart

With A gentle Kiss

I worship thee for being

So merciful

You are the meaning of


When I bow down to my knees

You shower me with a 

Warm breeze

Causing me to feel at ease 

I can never escape you

Because your presence 

Is So True

I love all your ways

Making me give you

The highest praise

In your presence 

I could be lost 

For days

One look into your precious eyes

Causes my soul to cry

A feeling of fullness

Taking away any


All your ways are


You I will always respect 

Just to know 

I  Was hand picked

By the Holy one

Yes! Because of you

I won

I won this life

With out any strife

Granting me 

Eternal life


I failed

But you rescued 

Me again

I look forward to

A knew day

So I can 

Praise you

When I pray

It’s an honor

To carry

Your cross

I’ll carry it

Threw waters

And Across

Lord I’m so thankful 

For your mercy and grace

It’s paints a smile

On my face 

When I’m down

You wrap me up in your love

Taking away my worst


I await the day

To look upon

Your crown

That day I enter your kingdom

I’ll be dressed in my best


Once In  Your Kingdom 

I could never 

Fall down 

Your ways

Always higher then mine

So thankful to be part of your


This life I can’t 

Do on my own

Living right

I could never


Your love

Is as pure

As the prettiest Dove

Always teaching me

Right from wrong

Helping me to live a life

That’s long

Lord when you speak to me

I hear a love Song

When I read your word

It’s as if in my hand

You place your sword

When in your presence 

I know we’re on one accord

Two spirits flowing 


Causing me to feel 

As light

As a feather

When I read your proverbs

It teaches me

Pure wisdom

Preparing me to enter your kingdom

All I ask

Is that You never 

Leave me

For if you do

I’ll walk not able to see

Lord it is you that

Removed my chains

And allowed me

To dance in the rain

Without you

I would go insane

Your name I will

Never use in vain

Continue to believe in me

So that I can live free

I love when I 

Fall to my knees

And speak of my enemies 

You immediately cause them to flee

You shine your light

Threw all my darkness

Giving my mind

A new alertness

Lord when I enter your kingdom

At once I will have

Complete wisdom

Wisdom I never had before

Causing my new wings

To soar

Till that day

Here on earth

I will patiently wait

I love you more than

Words can say

You my king

I will forever praise

I hope these words I’m writing 

Cause your spirit to be exciting 

Your name I will

Always proclaim 

I promise 

I’ll never speak it in shame

Till the day I enter your kingdom

Continue to shower me

With your holy wisdom

I thank you in advance 

For giving my broken life

A chance

Hallelujah you reign

All my enemies 

Now slain 

A new life in you 

I gained

Happy I am on the right path

Lord you spared me your


As this night passes

I’ll seal tomorrow 

In my sunglasses 

Glazing into

The sun

Reminded myself 

That because of You

I have won

Till we speak again

I’ll be sure to keep

Your promises

In my mind


































◄ It’s Your Love that I need


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