Pastor Mick

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Pastor Mick

It's winter, it's cold
on the streets of East Lancs
the homeless and penniless
queue, dejected at the food banks

behind terraced house curtains
families cower and shiver
they can no longer survive
on the rations they've been given

on the wrong end 
of the haves and have nots
and on the wrong end
of job losses and benefit cuts

the hard times they knew
have taken a turn for the worse
no work, no food, little hope,
now crippled by a new curse

but Pastor Mick has seen enough
not content just tending to his flock
with tears in his eyes
he says he can't stand back and watch

with Father Alex they rally round
their Church is on the Streets
helping the folk of Burnley
eat and get back on their feet

delivering warm food and drinks
they knock on every door
kids grab at the bags they bring
their empty stomachs can't take anymore

you see it's expensive being exploited
it's expensive being poor
loan sharks won't lend for nothing
hefty interest rates mean they owe more

where gas and lecky are luxuries
where they daren't answer a knock at the door
modern day angels like Mick and Alex
are their only hope for sure

as always the public rally round
TV reports highlight their plight
with their Christmas present of food
they might get some sleep tonight...

Tribute to Pastor Mick and Father Alex
Church on the Streets, Burnley

Jeff Dawson December 2020

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Stephen Gospage

Thu 17th Dec 2020 16:33

A really inspiring and intelligent poem.Thank you so much.
And hats off to Mick and Alex!

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Greg Freeman

Wed 16th Dec 2020 10:36

Great to see a poem empathising with other people. Well done, Jeff!

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