It’s Your Love that I need

It’s Your Love that I need


I sing to you Lord for you are more than praise worthy

From your Kingdom you hear my moans

I’ve been Longing for your presence for far to long. Come down from heaven and shower me with your intimacy. Your the only lover I’ve ever known. Your precious love is that of pure bliss, A feeling of wholeness. Before your Love covered me tightly like a blanket, But you have forsaken me Lord, leaving me astray. I came to find myself drowning in the waves. The ocean sucked me in and tossed me out to sea. A terrible feeling of coldness. It was then when I needed You to throw me your anchor but it never came. Somehow I swam to the top feeling a weakness I never felt before. God I  felt your rage upon my face, immediately my tears fell from my eyes, lightening striking all around me, Lord when will this nightmare end. I can’t bare another second of Agony. Lord hear my cries for my tears run as deep as the ocean. Breath life into these dry bones. Grant me a new start so my feet can walk in your ways. This world is cold and lonely. My enemies surround me like a camp fire on a dark night. The ropes of Hell lay tied around my feet and wrists. Suffocating me holding me back from who You called me to be. Satan comes to attack my mind day and night torturing my weak body. How much more can a person take when will it be enough. Have I not wept in long suffering for some time. Remove the chains that Satan locked upon me. My wrists and ankles have bled for quite to long. God you are more than capable to rescue my little body and place me back upon a solid ground. Forgive me for my sins for they are many. Cover me with your presence once and for all so I can feel

◄ Lord Rescue Me

Glazing into the sun ►


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