Between the lines

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Your attention span is ever-narrowing

And I don’t have space where to breathe

‘cos I exist in reminiscence

I exist in creases of  tease


I exist in only sub-surfaced  words

 In between a mumbling and a dream

 And how do you expect to listen to me

If you want it to be curt and trim?


If you want everything to be straight to the point

And I exist but in a line?

With your proactive approach you can have whole bright world

In my fading I will be just fine


I don’t think that you’ll lose but a tiny bit

By avoiding my dimly lit den

I know you are greedy, you’d  think – and what if

No, you will win 9 out of 10

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Andy N

Tue 22nd Jun 2010 08:00

that's a idea! lol

<Deleted User> (8159)

Mon 21st Jun 2010 09:15

Andy! As long it's not me who is singing.. :-)) X

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Andy N

Mon 21st Jun 2010 08:09

I agree with Ann - this does sing again... I am beginning to wonder whether music would go with this and your previous piece seriously???

More thought to follow x

<Deleted User> (8159)

Sun 20th Jun 2010 23:08

Thank you, Ann! really appreciate it. X

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Ann Foxglove

Sun 20th Jun 2010 22:32

I really like this Olga - it SINGS! xx

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