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Heavy is the head that wears the crown, 

Mine carries the burden of anxiety which weighs it down. 

Often my thoughts flood irrepressibly as I try to remain sound, 

But my fears anchor deeply, and I start to feel myself drown.


The rivers of solicitude and unease conflux, 

Flowing downstream into the dam acting as my emotional crutch, 

It can no longer regulate this pressure as it’s too much to handle. 

It bursts and breaks down and I’m left feeling trampled.


I buried myself deep underground, 

Cut myself off from society and didn’t want to be found

But like a spring I found an opening to the surface and emerged again.

Back stronger than ever and won’t be the person I was back then.


◄ Missa pro defunctis

Rengoku 煉獄 ►


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Charlotte Thomas-Rowe

Thu 10th Dec 2020 22:03

Thank you Keith

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keith jeffries

Tue 8th Dec 2020 12:02


A profound poem from the heart which is in some turmoil. I endorse the words of JD Bardo. Don't let the opposition keep you down. They inhabit dark places. Stand in the light of decency and goodness which I see so clearly in this poem. Keep writing like this and it will be a cathartic experience and a force to strengthen you.

Bless you for such a heartfelt piece of writing

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Charlotte Thomas-Rowe

Fri 4th Dec 2020 23:06

I agree and feel silence is an act of complicity! Also, thank you very much

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J.D. Bardo

Fri 4th Dec 2020 10:41

Charlotte, Let us be the voice that stomps out racism. It can start here, and in each of our hearts. A new way is coming and you will play a important role. keep writing your stuff here PLEASE.

I support you, Say her name!!!!

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Charlotte Thomas-Rowe

Fri 4th Dec 2020 10:30

I appreciate you taking the time to read! Thank you

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Paul Sayer

Thu 3rd Dec 2020 21:18

This poem is gushing with a flow of inspiration that is overflowing.

Bursting through the sedimentary mediocrity

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