Just Like That

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I awake get dressed

make coffee and rest

easy chair by the window

wind continues to billow

blow on my latte

another dull day


Leaves flutter bye

Feeling awry

Like suspended animation

Awaiting annihilation

Days turn to weeks

Weeks turn to years

Where have they gone

Hopes turn to fears


What if tomorrow I don’t awake

My lifeforce gone, me it forsakes.

The coffee cup empty

Seat sits un-sat

Is my life simple over?

Gone just like that.




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Paul Sayer

Mon 30th Nov 2020 23:54

Hi J.D.

Thanks for dropping in.

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Paul Sayer

Mon 30th Nov 2020 22:03

Hi Bramwell, thank you so much for hitting the like.


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Paul Sayer

Mon 30th Nov 2020 20:18

LOL. Just think long and hard about this Stevo...

Life here on Earth it's hard for some
But come your death it's not done.

Another life will then unfold
with more misery, as yet to behold

Toil and strife, grief and pain
Oh! No. Not this same old shit all over again!

Where are my virgins, promised many
There are none there, nope not any.

Streets paved with gold I was told
In those scriptures of times of old

Striped, recycled back on earth
that you've just left, for what its worth.

I'm not supposed to let this secret out
But life BEFORE death is what it's all about.

I love to have my little bit of fun
Cos. life is a grand when all's said and done


Taking life too seriously
will have dia consequences,
just wait and see.

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Stephen Atkinson

Mon 30th Nov 2020 19:05

We won't be able to get rid of you that easily Po. 😄

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Paul Sayer

Mon 30th Nov 2020 17:23

Hello, Stephen, that's nice of you to say.
Thank you.

As Ghaz so rightly says 'unlike my other writes'.

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Paul Sayer

Mon 30th Nov 2020 17:21

P, I watched The Dick Emery show last night crumbs what a sad tale that turned out to be.

He was a comedy genius that's for sure.

Before that, I watched some unseen Two Ronnies sketches.

I fear we may not see the likes of that kind of humour again.

It is dated... but then again mate, so are we!

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Stephen Gospage

Mon 30th Nov 2020 16:59

Tommy Cooper. What a man! A great poem, Paul.

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Mon 30th Nov 2020 16:42

You are too motivated to vegetate, but like most of us, the odd touch of what-if? frequently eddies in the mind.

A lot of stars are known to face their final curtain call on stage and get carried out by the undertaker.

But newer talent emerges like a shooting star.

The universe is ours and only but a breath away.

And I agree that exploring these ideas on-line is a canny way of doing things.


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Paul Sayer

Mon 30th Nov 2020 15:46

I have never needed reassurance, Aviva.

I write in the vain hope of reassuring others there is no Death.

My poetry is a tiny way of expounding this truth.

My life has been one of proving this conclusion to what must now amount to thousands of people.

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Paul Sayer

Mon 30th Nov 2020 15:41

I am over the moon you are still in my orbit.

Comments always expand upon our words Ghazala.

This will always be the case, let those with eyes to see and ears to hear etc.


(Hence the NO tag Do.)

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Paul Sayer

Mon 30th Nov 2020 15:38

Hello Aviva.

That is so true, life revolves around us.
We stay eternally at the centre of our being... Being!

Throughout the passage of aeons of time for all eternity.
(and that's a long time, plus some)


Ghazala lari

Mon 30th Nov 2020 15:36

Wish for the stars
They shall be yours
Smile till there's life
And in hereafter too you shall smile
Sing the blues away
And let smile be your way
Poetic perspective of life n death
I must say

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Paul Sayer

Mon 30th Nov 2020 15:30

I just thought I'd sing the blues Do.
Thank you for hitting like.

I know you like me have faith, sometimes Ghaz faith alone is not enough. Bitter as this poem may look and bleak it seems

Life is eternal as are our dreams.

It just evolved within seconds whilst looking out the window this morning.

It was just after reading Rays latest poem about the death of a loved one and J.D.s about 'Sixth-Sense'

It made me think about how extremely sad it must for those who have no belief in a life hereafter.

Which I feel compelled to say, from over half a century of research and personal experience I can state without any reasonable doubt has NOTHING at all to do with religion or belief in any way shape or form.

You can't die for the life of you.

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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Mon 30th Nov 2020 15:29

That's your yester-life talking. Your yester-life is always ending, but that's how your yes-to-life can always begin. Edit: It is probably a good poem if it is making everyone want to reassure you, right? Understandable and relatable.

Ghazala lari

Mon 30th Nov 2020 15:12

You'll live a thousand years
Simply enjoy life's thrills
Have no fears

You will rock
Have a gorgeous story
And people will admire you till eternity

This poem sounds dull n gloomy
Unlike your other writes
Makes me blue n sad

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Paul Sayer

Mon 30th Nov 2020 14:48

Sounds a bit Tommy Cooperesq

Mind you... What a way to go!

Talk about a curtain fall.

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