There is something about those

west end streets, especially in the

quieter hours when fewer people

are around and neon lights kick

off their after glow in routines that

are rhythmic to the eye suggesting

more excitement is to come or gives

a whiff of danger to our inner sense


and in the darker passage ways out

sneaks a practiced hand to steal a

wallet from a gullible fool already

taken to the cleaners by a greedy

night club licensee, inside a seedy

club. Alas the ailing victim heads

off seeking help, only to discover

apathy reigns alarmingly supreme






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Mon 30th Nov 2020 11:11

Po, I guess it's more like on-line fraudsters sipping champers at home and at the expense of the gullible ones, without needing to step out into the colder, darker streets.

Thanks for the Like and commenting, as well as to Stephen Atkinson, and J.D Bardo for the Likes.

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Paul Sayer

Mon 30th Nov 2020 08:45

Crumbs can you remember THAT far back😂.

Have you seen the streets of London of late?

So sad mate, so sad.

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Mon 30th Nov 2020 08:30

Not quite sure how things operate in these times, but they were certainly like that back in the days when I was working in such hectic crime ridden parts of London.

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