My M E Brick

You think that M E is all in the mind

you think I am a malingerer

don't you know you are being unkind

and your cruel words they linger


I never wanted to live this way

I never asked to get sick

so if you've got nothing kind to say

then you must be as thick as a brick


M E is a physical illness

I'm exhausted confined to a bed

so why should I put up with your ignorance

and the nastiness inside your head

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<Deleted User> (7164)

Sat 19th Jun 2010 15:06

How lovely to see you posting again Tim.
The thing i love about this is its simplicity of language.Love the line 'you must be as thick as a brick.'
I haven't heard the term used for years and i think it lightened the topic somewhat helping the reader realize that the one suffering is as normal in many ways as they are.
Whatever normal is ;-)


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Dave Bradley

Sat 19th Jun 2010 06:53

Powerful words about a widely misunderstood reality. A good friend had ME/CFS for 6 years. She recovered though will always have to watch herself and be careful. Good luck Tim - I hope it happens for you

<Deleted User> (7212)

Fri 18th Jun 2010 22:35

Hi - so, another ME/CFS/PVFS malingerer - it's a great excuse to be a lazy bastard though, isn't it ? Why don't you just pull yourself together ??
only kidding - I've had it more than 20 yrs now & even went so far as to write a (smallish) book on the subject - if you'd like a free copy I'll post you one if you email me your address - there might be something in there to help? all the best.

<Deleted User> (6344)

Fri 18th Jun 2010 20:32

Hi Tim,
I was drawn in by your poem as I also suffer from M.E., so can identify with this. It's good to see that a negative can be turned into something fruitful, and i enjoyed the brutal honesty of this. Nice rhyme as well.

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