stop sitting in that Paris street

you know I hate it when you crash

through all the flags that people wear

and all the chords are played by shoes

in the music of the crowds


with melodies of rushing by

while you sip coffee graciously

the whole wide world will brush your arm

and stirring won’t control the flow

your thoughts are slowly leaking


eventually the day has flown

and all you did was watch a while

but did you change a single thing

you always said you’d write a life

perhaps without you knowing

◄ Myre’s Mire

Dear Jews Harp ►


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Clive Culverhouse

Sun 29th Nov 2020 08:41

Three stanzas of five lines – the first four lines of each contain eight syllables (the word “eventually” was tricky but poetic licence allows), the last lines have seven syllables; I didn’t want it all to be “square” so to speak - eight syllable lines throughout in traditional four line verses - so I went for five lines and I wanted the last lines slightly off balance to reflect how a writer can surprise, maybe even unsettle a balance.
Overall I think it has a satisfying poetic flow.

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