So when are we all going to grasp the divide and conquer mantra?

When will we all unite and let love show us the answer?


A brother in Uganda, he’s resents the common white man 

He knows this world has not been kind to the people of his land 

Still he falls for the divide and conquer trap 

Believing women are inferior and men have something that they lack 


A Jewish sister shouts and screams for feminism 

Ignoring the repercussions of the Palestinian oppression 

A white brother believes that Muslims are the problem 

Not realising that the hate on his tongue will never find the solution 


We are taught to hate and are shown how to fear 

When we really need to let go of the separation idea 

We are all one, all inhabitants of earth 

Do we really need to tread on someone to realise our worth? 

It’ll never work, it’ll only make the matter worse 

The brunt of division bares on humanity - like a waged curse.


Start to recognise and realise the power that we have 

Change direction, feel connection, and reclaim our land

Change the narrative from consumer to producer 

Let these capitalistic chains disconnect from the router 


It’s really not that complicated, let me you show the way 

To start believing, through the deceiving, that it will all be ok 

It starts with today, let’s make the change, and then one day we will all look back and say... 


I’m so glad we rearranged;

so glad that we repaved;

Humanity is saved.

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