Lord Rescue Me

Lord how much longer will I stay in aganey

My bones are dry and brittle 

Do you even hear my cry’s 

I wait with anticipation 

Will this storm ever pass

It’s dark and lonely 

I yearn so desperately for your rescue

Wont you stretch out your hand

And lead me the right way

Satan hates me

He finds Joy in belittling me

I can feel the heat of of his breath around my neck

He’s the thief of night

Who comes to steal my joy

It’s been so long

I wouldn’t even recognize joy

If it hit me in the face

Lord there’s so many people 

Walking around full of hatred

Don’t they know there raising the scorching 

Flames from Hell around your people 

Satan laughs 

Then goes on with his poisoned ways

Lord saddened by our sin

Your tears flood down live a river

If one of your tears can just touch my skin

I would be free

 I’m terrified of the dark

I’m tired of of being stuck on this desert

It’s treacherous 

There’s snakes everywhere 

There awaiting my soul

I lay at night in solitary 

Afraid of what I might encounter tomorrow 

Have you forgotten me

Am I just a small spec walking amongst the earth

Lord your the creator of Earth

An earth that was meant for nothing other than pure bliss

But instead it’s corrupt, pitch black

So terrifying it causes my spine to chill

Don’t you remember the desires of my heart. I hold a painful longing to be by your side

My biggest dream is to walk down your golden streets. To reside in your Exquisite kingdom. Those are just dreams 

satan whispers. I yell back 

It will come to pass, Jesus is all powerful 

Lord you must grow tired our ways

Promise me.  Promise me you won’t give up on me and call it a day. If you do I will have not a single thing to live for

God, I know your all powerful. won’t you just  reach towards my weak body and grant me life! Yes , life, a real life, one with peace, joy, happiness. I’m on my knees with desperation. My knees, the color of purple from the amount of times I fall on them. Save me Lord Save my soul. I don’t want to feel the flames of hell. Though I must admit

On the lonely nights, when I’m weeping on my pillow. I can feel satans fury cover me like a blanket. My body starts to sweat scared he’s going to eat me up and swallow me. Somehow the night passes 

and I’m still breathing. I go about my day surrounded by my enemies on every side. They detest me, despise me. They stare at me with hopes of knocking me to the floor Again I fall. Lying there soaked in my sin and shame. They look down at me and howl   

I cry out Lord, Lord what did I do to deserve this life? Was it imparted into me as a young child? Please Lord. Help me to walk down this restricted road. Don’t allow my feet to walk to the right or left. Come down from heaven and hold me up right. For my heart requires your presence. Without your presence I will dry up and fade away into the pit. This life I can’t do on my own. I need your warm tenderness to fall upon my heart. Give me one opportunity. I want to wake up to a rainbow with you standing on the other side.  I want you to walk over to me and gently grab my hand and assure me that I’m still yours. Allow me into your kingdom for That is the only place I’ll find rest. As I close my burning eyes on this night.I will force them to see nothing else 

At least then I will rest in your peace




◄ My Lord

It’s Your Love that I need ►


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