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In summer I should be here anyway;

Now life is a time-bomb

Big smiles and banging drums

To dance on the beach with me


Visions of last year spread hope in me

A little jaded inside just makes the sky look bluer

We can play like we used to

Spread our wings like we used to?

No, because we are not birds, but human.


Here we go again, start the ride again

Another new face that I hate

But the hatchets are buried, please

Please let those hatchets be buried

I won’t know you next year,

Will I?


Still love is here, the same place, a different room

Another year

Travelled at light speed and broke though the atmosphere

It feels good and looks even better

Yes this is love because I never met another

Couldn’t if I tried because I lost hope

Whilst you paid to ride

And with the power of a stallion we punched and kicked and bit and clawed and mutilated and tore and screamed and laughed and hated and loved and cried and celebrated the whole damn thing

And why?

Because it’s summer, and we’re meant to be here.




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Andy N

Fri 18th Jun 2010 07:58

the last line brings it all together for me, Callie.. Nice one.. Enjoyed this! x

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