The Commuter

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The Commuter                                     


She takes the train to the city, and spends her time on her nails, her sharp dressed man waits at the station, and she falls into her arms.                                                                                             He doesn’t know that she’s busy, with her husband on the phone, on the way to her destination to her lover far from home.

Bridge              She walks into the room gracefully gliding through the sliding  doors, she takes a puff from her Marlboro light, and grinds it to the polished floor.

Verse                    A waft of uptown scent proceeds her, she follows down the corridor. Her skirt fits tightly round her knees,  she smiles coyly just to tease.                                                                                        At work she keeps her rich friends busy, within the clique of the well to do. Her husband’s trade is as a joiner, she tells him she works hard too.

Bridge   She walks into the room gracefully gliding through the sliding doors.  She takes a puff of her Marlboro light, she’s in charge-lays down the law.

Verse/ coda          She takes the train to the city and still spends time on her nails. Her sharp dressed mans still at the station, everything he has is up for sale. Her husband knows that she’s been busy,  he’s had someone on her tail.

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