My Lord


My Lord 


Love is patient 

Love is kind

His Love

I came to find

He showers me

With mercy and grace

His tender love

I embrace

With him on my side

I can run any race

A Love so Pure

Takes away anything 


With him in me

The worst things

I can endure

One smell 

of the Lords fragrance 

Is pure radiance 

His word 

speaks only truth 

When read

It brings forth

A fountain of youth 

Who am I

That he loves me so?


I will never know


Tempted and tried

He hung on 

The cross

And never cried 

I call him brave

To be like him

Is something 

I crave 

When I’m drowning 

In a wave

He grabs my hand

And saves the day

There is no one like him

For he is 

The opposite 

Of grim 

One minute 

in the masters presence 

Brings you

A feeling 

Of tenderness 

For he is Holy 

And the one 

Who is all knowing 


Is all light

Shining threw you

So bright

Only in  him

I find my birthright 

He forgives

The biggest sinner

Turning them into winner’s 


Can do 

All things


He is 

the king of kings 

No one more glorious 

Then him

The only one without sin 

He anoints my head with oil 

And sets my feet

On solid soil 


I lift your name

On the most high

Simply for painting me

A blue sky

There is none

More beautiful 

Then you

These words I speak

Are true 

You bought 

Heaven on earth

Causing my soul to rebirth

For you my king

I could never be 

More thankful

Your patience

Has me burn

a candle

He Gives me joy

In the morning 

I now see 

my wings 


I will forever 

Praise your name

For taking away

All my shame

Hallelujah Jesus 

You put back 

My broken peace’s

Your my king

And I’ll wait


For your promise ring

My words

Can’t express 

What I feel for you



Your love is so true 


You reign forever 

I call you

My precious treasure 

Seated on your thrown

You know the unknown 

None like you


I’m speaking truth

Before I go

I utter real slow


never Let me go












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keith jeffries

Wed 25th Nov 2020 22:54

Your poetic eloquence does you great credit but to God most of all be the glory. Bless you for such words of beauty and praise.

Thank you for this

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