An anti feeling shit at the moment attempt to raise a smile called BARMY BOOKS

Nowhere to piss-by-Lewis Klosed

Over the edge-by-Victoria Fawles

Handbag snatch-by-Percy Stoal

Machine guns-by-Karl Ashnikov

Axeman-by-Ed Honnablok

For the love of a docker-by-Steve Ador

Cheese-by-Gordon Zola

Flooded-by-Lee Kingpype

Russian striptease artist-by-Eva Vestoff

Unexpected costs-by-Bill Hizlarjer

Doorstep choirs-by-Carol Singuss

Audience could not hear-by-Mike Saddit

Poor cow-by-Terry Bull

Mugging-by-Rob Ennywon

Caning-by-Tanya Harse

Shearing birds-by-Shawn Kanairy

Don't stand on my fucking foot!-by-Ellie Phant

Skinning Grizzlies-by-Teddy Bayre

Porter-by-Carrie Mebaggs

Islander-by-Philip Eno

Hiding from a killer-by-Casey Fyndsme

Number plates-by-Reggie Strayshun

What will be will be-by-Kay Sera

Strong brew-by-Stu Tee

Fearless-by-Laura Nurv

Trotting along-by-Orson Kart

Rural arsonist-by-Barney Bernsdown

For the high jump-by-Ken Garoo

Indians drums-by-Tom Tom

Uncaging a reptile-by-Freda Frogg

Bad stomach-by-Sam Monella

Drowning his wife-by-Chuck Errin

Small prizes-by-Tom Bola

Borrower-by-Len Duzzakwid

Hard work-by-Manuel Laybor

Falling tree-by-Tim Burr

Crap job-by-Jack Ittin

Reptiles-by-Liz Ard

Piano lessons-by-Joe Hannah

Pampering-by-Molly Kuddle

Wall supports-by-Lin Tell

Pains all over-by-Arthur Hytiss

Auto finance-by-Karl Hone

Small car-by-Minnie Dryver

Paracetamols-by-Ed Ayke

Nice tasting cheese-by-Billy Gote

Strong man-by-Sam Sunn

Politeness-by-Kurt Chuss

Top it up-by-Phil Meglass

Potato chips-by-Chris Pakkit

She was short of wood-by-Bernard Ecking

Place for the audience-by-Rosa Seets

Carpets-by-Walter Wall

Chanting-by-Greg Orian

Dark colour-by-Matt Black

Kettle is on-by-Bruce Sumtee

Jousting-by-Lance Alot

Woollen headware-by-Bobby Hatt

Winter time-by-Teresa Bayre

Worn out bed-by-Rusty Springs

Threat of flooding-by-Adam Wilburst

Eviction-by-Chuck Emmout

Red sauce-by-Tom Arto

DIY-by-Andy Mann

Cheap instrument-by-Penny Wissel

Sawing logs-by-Woody Kutz

Catalogues-by-Maggie Zeen

Mobile phones-by-Tex Ting

Reluctant tenant-by-Willie Go

Breaking and entering-by-Buster Wyndow

Locking cell doors-by-Jay Lerr

Spiked drink-by-Mickey Finn

Cliff jumping-by-Willy Bownce

Dentistry-by-Phil Macavity 




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Stephen Gospage

Wed 25th Nov 2020 21:44

Wonderful, though Jenny Talia must have had a tough time at school. Come to think of it, she was in my class.....

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Stephen Atkinson

Wed 25th Nov 2020 12:17

😄 cheered me up-by-Sonny Disposition... 😒Sorry

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Wed 25th Nov 2020 01:06

Few late entries-

Funny man-by-Joe Kerr
Tightrope walker-by-Willy Forloff
Loudspeaker-by-Mike Roffone
Amputation-by-Saul Aleggoff
Frustrated excersiser-by-Jim Sklosed
Boat race-by-Henry Regatta
Prodigal son-by-Homer Ghain
Ending it all-by-Sue Hissyde
Monsters-by-Frank Hinstein
Private parts-by-Jenny Talia
Bad weather-by-Gail Skumming
Soaked to the skin-by-Ray Needay
Lottery win-by-Laura Munee
Damaging man-by-Rex Ennyfin
Battle won-by-Victor Ree
Missing trilby-by- Hattie Losst
Poor housing-by-Jerry Bilt
Doing mad things-by-Hugh Nutta

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