I slipped on a banana skin

my legs went different ways

I ended up in sick bay and was

there for several days - the nurses

there were lovely - one played the


Magic Flute - festive seasons bring

such joy, as no one gives two hoots.

Apart for one called Doris, who

growled in hob nailed boots





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Tue 24th Nov 2020 20:46

Thank you for the humorous comments MC.

I think some of the most interesting and amusing poems I ever read were centred around dental surgeries, waiting rooms, and hospitals.

Am told by a former local nurse, that Matron's day off (a Friday) also coincided with her insistence on patients being administered an enema.

I still envision Matron chuckling to herself near a coastal resort such as Weymouth - sniffing in the sea air - while those in the work place had a different tale to tell.

We need only return to the Carry On films of yesteryear and some of the lines when the patients were being ushered into the bath tubs and the priceless rejoinders 'All that fuss over a little thing like that'.

Of course the populous back then were hooked on smut.


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M.C. Newberry

Tue 24th Nov 2020 16:22

Fun stuff! Always welcome. I conjured up the image of Doris in my fevered mind.
She strode the corridors
With matronly medicinal power
Prescribing bed-rest
With what was at best
A barely hidden glower.

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Paul Sayer

Tue 24th Nov 2020 12:17

I think the only thing wrong with levity
is its blooming brevity

crikey that sounded almost poetic

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Mon 23rd Nov 2020 21:03

Thanks Paul, and the two Stephens - nowt wrong with a bit of levity now and then.



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Paul Sayer

Mon 23rd Nov 2020 18:38

Magic Flute... Is that a you fer nisium P?

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Stephen Gospage

Mon 23rd Nov 2020 17:49

Good one. It reminds me a stay in hospital once!

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