The Little Girl As Wise Crone

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Very interesting article about the aphorism.


The poetry of porn website listings is one of generic precision and tawdry elaboration. 


"Teen zoo se fait brouter la fente humide." 


The collective sadness associated with certain sexual passions runs deeper than the ocean. 


I enjoy reading happy incest porn. For a moment the embarrassment and shame associated with incest doesn't exist for me. 


A question for my unconscious: If all is a dream then what remains?


Mothers that give birth to their lovers and lusts. 


The female taboo of being just as cruel and ruthless as a man should be encouraged. For me there is nothing more beautiful than a femininity that is evil. 


The sadness that the majority of people are good and virtuous. Even criminals like the Crays were distastefully moralistic. I want to plant gardens over the earth with fertile corruption and admire the beauty. 


Yukio Mishima defined pornography as anything a person masterbates to. I like this definition. 


A third sex that isn't male or female but requires both to procreate. The face is highly desirable by both men and women.


I wonder if schizophrenia isn't creating my reality but is mearly a window, a way of seeing that is not deminished in validity by it being revealed through schizophrenia. 


My thoughts are not private. Dangerous thoughts about power systems and politics are flagged. I felt this first rather than thought it so I feel this gives validity to my paranoia. We live in an age when such surveillance would not be considered too outlandish and where people can just disappear.


Opinion nailed to the crucifix by belief.


"Belief" that human characteristic that has led to more suffering than all of the wars combined.


The voice of mainstream science has been polluted by a Catholic like outrage for the truth.


Painting by Biljana Djurdjevic 


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Paul Sayer

Sun 22nd Nov 2020 16:27

Liked for last line alone.

'Zengo' Daniel.

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