My little one

When I look upon you

I see an ounce of gray

Wondering when you went astray

You seem happy

On the outside

But your souls

Screaming on the inside

A being who’s so kind

But I tell you

Your walking around blind

You try to fill your hearts desires 

But your doing it with

The wrong wires

Without the Lord

You’ll just cause fires 

Chasing love

In all the wrong places

It’s only His Love

That truly embraces

You live

Like you know it all

But yet you constantly Fall

You hit the ground

And your heart starts to pound

Not understanding 

What your feeling 

But your fighting

Your healing

Have you ever heard

Of the Good Shepard?

He is Jesus

And he’s the only one

To put back your 

Broken pieces

You are his lost sheep

But hear my words

He will never

Let you fall to deep

Do you wonder why

You lay at night 

Just to weep

Its cause your souls

Searching for something 

True to keep 

I see you searching

For something more

Stretch out your arm

And touch his core

Let me paint you a picture 

This story is in his scripture

My brother

You are one of his lost sheep

And he won’t stop at nothing

To find you

This is true

when he does

He will shout

Celebrate with me

I found my lost sheep

Nothing will bring him

More Joy

Because you’ll

Forever be

His little boy

I urge you

Stop living

For you

And grab 

On to the truth

Your to precious 

To live lost

You have to fight

No matter the cost

Jesus is the only way

Once you accept him

In his heart

You will stay

I stand in the gap for you 

And pray

That you start 

Living in his way

Your smart, funny, and brave

But you know

There’s something else

You crave

I don’t want you

To sink in life’s waves

Trust in me

Jesus is the only one

Who saves

It’s time for you

To get on your knees

And pray

That you’ll start living

In his holy ways

I can see you now

Look to him

And bow

You’ll never regret this

Once you feel his bliss

Your old ways are gone 

Now a beautiful swan

Better days

He will ad on

Say Goodbye loneliness 

With Jesus

Life is glorious

No more living in shame 

Because you now live

For his name

Give him all the praise

And live in his ways

Always remember 

You were once blind

But you now see

He my love

Has set you free

Now a man of God

He smiles down

As he raises his rod

A true Christian 

Ready to walk any distance

Your name now 

In the book of life

Jesus freed you from strife

Remember to be thankful

That he chose you

And made your life new 

Your now part of a new crew

In his eyes

Your forever a winner

No longer a Lost sinner

Now pick up your cross

Sing a praise

For you made it across

To the other side

The kingdom waits for you

With arms open wide

Thank you Jesus 
























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My Lord ►


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