My Majesty

Standing here in my Levi’s 

Underneath the street lights

Talking to my self 

But I don’t know what to say

Hoping I’m not living life

The wrong way

We all fall 

When we get a little to high

Always wanting to reach the sky

Trying to avoid

The devils lies

As days go by

I’m missing you 

Must be cause

Your loves so true

Your the king of kings

I'm Here waiting for your

Promise ring

I choose to only

Hear your voice

So I can always make

The right choice

My life can’t take another loss

So I must cling to your cross

We all know life’s not easy

But with you

It’s a bit more breezy

When your not near

My life becomes uneasy

I’m so grateful you chose me

You broke my chains

And set me free

Was once blind

But now I can see

Thinking about my judgement day

Will I even have

 the right words to say

With those thoughts

On my mind

All I can do is pray

Pray I am enough

And not pushed out of your kingdom

In handcuffs

I dream of your gentle touch

I know that would be enough 

Are my actions

Aligned up to your will?

This is something 

I have to fulfill 

All I can do

Is be patient 

Be still

Your face

Is all I want to see

I know then

I will finally be free

Don’t want to take life for granted

Because you made our lives

To be enchanted 

Who am I

That you love me so

Your mercy and grace

Caused me to grow

Your soul in mine

Together they flow

For my life

You were nailed

To the cross

That’s something 

I can never take as a loss

You were tempted and tried

I can only wonder

If you cried

As hard as it was

You stayed true

And never gave up

Now I can hold your cup

Your cup that runneth over

This world you took over

I ask myself 

How were you so brave

To be like you

Is something 

I crave 

But my actions

Aren’t always 

what my words say

Even the times I pray

And say I’ll change

I still don’t lay down 

My life

In exchange

What does it really mean

To carry your cross

I don’t really know

My words are at a loss

Im just being honest 

But no matter what 

I keep ur heart in my pocket 

And hold on to your promise

Your promise that

You’ll never 

Let me go

And continue 

To cause

My soul

To glow

I’ll always love you

I hope this is something you know
























◄ So Blessed

Holding on to this pain ►


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yaminah zurita

Fri 11th Dec 2020 05:54

Ghazala, Thank you for the kind words. Very much appreciated 🙏

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Ghazala lari

Sun 15th Nov 2020 06:24

Commitment, loyalty, honesty.....a beautiful love story💓

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