So Blessed

I call my self grateful

To be the daughter

Of the living God

You strike down my enemies 

With your holy Rod

My sin was buried

At the cross

My life now

Not a loss

Holy are you my king

All the Angels

Worship and sing


You reign

I can feel you flow

Threw my being

Your mercy and grace

Is all I’m feeling 

Sitting on the throne

With your glorious crown

Always exalted 

Never to go down

I will always worship you Lord

Forever bow down to you Lord

For you fight my enemies 

With your sword

Lord take my last breath

And rid me of any death

You are my one and only

You comfort me

So I’m never lonely

Lord your my delight

Turning all my darkness

Into light

My true love

My king

For you I’ll do anything 



You are


Precious as the morning star

With you 

I can only go far

I close my eyes

And imagine thee

The one and only


My dreams of you

Leave me amazed 

And all I can do

Is sing you a praise

One touch from your cloth

Has me holy

For days

One look into your eyes

Leaves me to stare

And glaze

For your perfect 

In every way

Heavenly Father

All bow to your name

For it is you

I proclaim

Your pure love

Causes me to never

Feel ashamed

Always extending your grace

Upon each and every ones face

You brought heaven to earth

Causing my soul to rebirth

It is only in your presence 

That I find rest

So thankful 

I call myself blessed

I’m patiently waiting 

To hear from you 

So you can approve

Everything I say and do

Nothing else will do

But you

Lord with you

All fear is gone

And I can never get it wrong

It is with you that I will always belong

I worship everything you do

Because you my King

Are all truth



























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