Love is just

Love is just a fickle notion

Like a tragic fallen star

Love is just a faint emotion

Itching ink upon a scar

Love is total disenchantment

Harsher than the harshest truth

Love is total loss and reckless

The one formula for youth

Love is coming late to church

To find out it is suicide bombed

Persecuted Indo-Chinese

Christians refuged in the womb

Love is tolerance for racist

Slurs that haunt you day and night

Love is selling drugs to addicts

Medicinal pharma's right

Love is fairer than the fairest

Buying stocks for equity

Love is hatred upon hatred

Emo-tional liberty

Love is angry like injustice

Violating every law

Love is like a broken promise

Envious and overdue

Love is art for it is useless

Artistry is just a lie

Love is art for it is useful

Still a lie ambiguous

Love is nothing, non-existence

Infinitely undefined

Love is neither land nor country

Neo-nazis disguised as new-nationalists

Love is just in my opinion

Hate to be so self-absorbed

Love to be a better minion

For the gods who hold dominion

Love the aboriginals

Love the dreaming, love the Dream

Hate repeating love for lust

For lust is more than it may seem

Lust is love and my desire

For all the world to see

Love is lust for liveliness

Desire to be free




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