Facing the Mask (2): Joy

Schadenfreude, I laugh at my dwindling bank account and my neighbour's succesfully failed suicide attempt

He's just as silly as my kitty; 10 meters up in the tree, do you expect me to follow you in your foolishness?

Yeah, I let you fall knowing the forest will embrace both of us. Unscathed

I wrote a poem about Flat-Earthers. Wanted to make fun of someone. *scoffs*

Blessed are the contemptless 

Daddy thought life was suffering: it made him bitter

Mommy thought life was evil: it made her sour

If life were always sweet, it would certainly ruin your teeth! :)

And I guess circumstance is often less than positive

That's why one should always strive to make the best of it

That's not positivity

That's optimism

Enjoy yourself while you're still around

And joy will abound

That is love

And it should be enough

I appreciate your love

I always appreciate your love



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Paul Sayer

Thu 12th Nov 2020 16:51


or half full

Matters not

if you've

Had your fill

This made me smile Kevin. I love a good scoff

Much better than the F'n COVID cough!

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