On Display

Dead end job 

but got bills to pay

What else do I say

I’m just putting my words on display

If you don’t like it

Then walk away

Some get me

Some don’t

But I’m just being me

I’m being nonchalant

I’ll never stop

Reaching for the top

Been up for a minute 

I’m not about to drop

Never catch me intoxicated 

Back dat

I’ll never be outdated 

This life is why I was created

Am I what you inticipated?

My love might lead you to a little pain

Make sure you don’t walk around with dat blood stain

Work hard an it will pay off

Dont mess with me

Cause you’ll be cut off

Never to appear again

Yeah you’ll feel the pain

This heavy life

Got me feeling drained 

But that’s life

It was ordained 

But when he speaks

I get that feeling

It’s a super natural healing

Dat puts me back on top

Rising rising rising

With his love

Nothing can stop me

One touch

An I’m set free

I’m steady focused

You gotta say so

Aiight Its time for u to hush

Stop beating around the bush

Life is either black or white

But careful you don’t

Live out of spite

Make good choices 

An live right

I’m only here for the moment

But I’ll be noticed

In a second 

My life could be frozen

But I’m wishing on that

Lucky token

So I can keep growing 

It’s all about what you make it

So pull out a chair an sit

Watch my life

It’s lit

I’m jus here

Tryna make it

Not one to accept 

A hypocrite 

Keep those foul words to ur self

Gotta always boost myself

I Maintain a certain high

Always reaching for the sky

A glimpse of his tears

Causes me to cry

Could never really know why

But it’s a feeling of love

A love so true

Drives out anything cruel

Gotta keep walking on the right path

So I won’t feel his wrath

What’s the aftermath?

A life of blessings 

In the beautiful heavens

My words don’t have the right expressions

But I’m fighting with

His weapons

Weapons no one can defeat 

The things of heaven

So sweet

Suns shining down on me

I can feel the heat

Just gonna say

I’m made whole

I’m complete






































◄ Heaven

So Blessed ►


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