Evil's Demise

What be-stilled the Demon?
Was it the rage that boils up from
centuries of fear all lived in a single night?
Or the boundless rivers of tears that
Flow -unchecked- from swollen eyes?
Neither will find you the success you seek.
For the demon thrives on both.
Fear is the food of the damned.
It nurtures the creatures created in pain
To give only pain in return.
Toss the fear aside,
And let the beast wither away.
If fear be the food,
Then surely the salty taste of sorrows tears
Shall be the drink that fills its dead soul.
Let it blister under the dry cracked sand
Void of moisture.
Only with the flood of a pure heart
Can the demon be chained.
Sacrifice, under the banner of selfless love,
Will it finally receive its demise.


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