Dear Mr. Coleridge.....

Forgive me, Samuel,

but despite how much power

your magical masterpiece

your stunningly beautiful mesmerizing

poetical escape from reality has

within its unworldly lines


it still does not

and how much I sadly wish it did have

enough portal strength

to have allowed my souls desire

to gain access

to its mystically clouded location


that your laudanum powered quill

tells us of.


Yes, forgive me, Sam

but  your words are not strong enough

to light the way

to that icy domain


they go on I am very sorry to point out

continuing to be unable

to show my hungering-for-Xanadu spirit

from believing that although it can feel

the pleasuring atmosphere

within your envisaged floating dome, still

the transition eludes.


Will this unstoppable dream

ever come to fruition and quench my thirsting mind

will I ever taste that beloved honeydew

or be blessed enough

to partake of the paradisal milk

intoxicatedly smell those incense-bearing trees

or hold a female Abyssinian hand?


Oh! such is the pity

such does Kublas absence

from my wishfulness

sadly, fictionally prevail.


Must I go on 

not having those circles woven about me

those circles wrapping their giftednesses granted

for all time?


or will I go on

treading the paths of time

until you and I share heavens version

of your self sacrificed, ecstatic

golden worded donation to the world?


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Rose Casserley

Mon 2nd Nov 2020 17:12

Thanks very much for the comments Nicola, and for the likes-

Stephen G,
Stephen A.

Rose 💋

Nicola Beckett

Sun 1st Nov 2020 22:25

You are crazy do you know how crazy you are? Now you are writing poems about viagra you silly sod xx lol

Nicola Beckett

Sun 1st Nov 2020 22:22

Oooh I learn something new every day by listen g and reading your many ramblings. I haven't read that book.. Didn't know he was friends with words worth how intriguing. I was trying to remember the book little women, my mum I always said I was much too lije Jo, fiery and always falling in love to easily. And out of it just as quick, ha e your read little women? Can you remember what the softer character in its called? Is she called Meg? I've gone off on a range t about Little Women the sequel good wives I was always terribly dissapou Ted as a young girl when they all got married off and had to be good wives as the sequel says. Good wives? How boring. Xx

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Rose Casserley

Sun 1st Nov 2020 21:58

If any of you guys haven't had the good fortune to have read

' Xanadu ' by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

then you haven't lived as they say.

This poem of mine relates to my desire to be spirited away to that beautifully written about by ' Dear Mr Coleridge ' fantasy world

The poem also features in a fantastic film called


which tells of Coleridge's rise to fame and of his friendship with William and Dorothy Wordsworth and of the publishing of his masterpiece-

The Ancient Mariner.

( definitely a ' must-see '

Thank's folks for comments and likes

Rose 💋

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Paul Sayer

Sat 31st Oct 2020 23:27

I feel the urge to grab my quill
but first I must swallow this tiny blue pill

I let one dissolve once on the tip of my tongue
That was a mistake now I just bung
it straight down my throat with a glass of water
and take myself in hand because I think I oughta.

I had a stiff neck for whole a day
what a day that was, thats all I can say
I then took a downer that did the trick
but it left me with a very sore.. wrist.

The story of O springs to my mind.

I seem to have digressed

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J.D. Bardo

Sat 31st Oct 2020 20:57

a word or two out of my vocabulary, googling them now, (simply me),
you put me to shame, good writing

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Rose Casserley

Sat 31st Oct 2020 20:56

Appreciated J,D.

Take care.

Rose 💋

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