The Pharmacology of Shadow




Sadnesses besiege me:
At the dying of the light
When starlight illuminates
The endings of the night.
I tingle in the frosted air of sight
Starlight is mirrored in the water and my eyes
When humankind abandons its disguise.
The spin and whirl of hemlock
Help witch and Wicca sway
Under the greensward
2020  a day like today
All that was dark
Is summoned by the llight
The Sigil of Baphomet’s is alight.
Pentacles’ aflame
Amid the creatures of the sky
Time and tide and starshine do not lie.
The warp and weft of weaving
Goddesses drift into the moon
Light bends
Into the flow of spacetime very soon.
The Aphrodite-horizon
Of sky and sea and land —
Watch the singularity expand!


◄ A sonnet for John Donne (poet)

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