They were always a welcome sight

coming alongside to attach the towing

cable - you could always tell they were

there by the distinctive toot toot on the

funnel whistle, and boy could those 

seagulls drop their streaks of guana

when they pooped. We powered on


furnace coke back then and the war

time guys went all dreamy about their

dangerous experiences. Always be

ready warned one old hand in case

the towing cable gets too taut - if it

springs too tight, it can slice your

sorry head clean off your shoulders


Alas those memories are fast fading

now - and few and far between are

those sturdy tug boats any more, only

to be featured in the history books

despite the wartime action many saw,

bravely helping imports to these shores.

A victory nobly claimed in feedom's cause





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Wed 28th Oct 2020 22:43

Yes Paul, but many Mersey siders got silver streaks in their hair, even before they were old enough.

Saves on toner I suppose.

But on a more serious note, it was the home based civilians who injected unsung heroism into the war effort - merely conforming to the strict rationing then in force, did wonders to reduce the need for shipping and high risk destruction of our Atlantic shipping convoys.

Thank you for your supportive comment and to Keith, JD and Stephen also.

P. 😏

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Paul Sayer

Wed 28th Oct 2020 22:23

This tugs on the old heartstrings P.

A compelling read

Those two mythical creatures those Liver birds
they can pooh loads... that's wot I heard.

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keith jeffries

Wed 28th Oct 2020 22:16

A well told poem of nostalgia and a reminder of many unsung heroes.
Thanks Philipos

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