How I love scentedness of Chives and Mint

and Marjoram, or Rosemary. It so reminds

me of the warmer weather when the bees

are out there humming drowsily away- and

hovering like mini helicopters in the air - yet

to look at them you'd think they weren't at

all aerodynamically supposed to stay up


there like that - sometimes I think they own

a language of their own, although they never

call each other on a mobile phone like us

they keep hop scotching over the vibrant

plants knowing exactly where the pollen

may be stored, syphoning off the necessary

for the youngsters near the honeycombs




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Paul Sayer

Wed 28th Oct 2020 08:14

I await it with bated breath P

Spice things up a bit
herb al pet (remember him?)

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Wed 28th Oct 2020 08:11

Thank you Paul for the response and Like and to Stephen also - appreciated.

Didn't know there an ale called Waggle Dance - but Paul you've given me an idea for another poetic brew, and good luck with the herb garden.

One of my favourite poems is about a herb garden - written by a South African to honour the memory of his late Mum.



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Paul Sayer

Tue 27th Oct 2020 18:28

Come a waggle dancing with me P

We can have a knees up.

Now that's a beer that my palate adores.

'Waggle Dance' Mmmmm

Nectar of the Gods.

I have set a herb garden 'just' for this very joy.
To be extended in the spring.

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