After the sad farewells

and wringing of hands

there will be an absence

of wands to return back

the deceased again but

thankfully now the pain

is successfully assuaged


in the palls of smoke, as in

the aftermath darting eyes

take in the scene outside

where they gather now and

jawing away say their words

of admiration and respect.

After the minister has said his


few subtle words of summing up

his eyes may swivel wondering

whose turn it will be next to fry.

But in the grounds the plantation

of trees and shrubs will waft their

uplifting essences of giddyness

as if nothing had happened at all




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Rose Casserley

Sun 25th Oct 2020 19:32

Afterthought Philipos-although the 'smoke in the sky' is the end result of the cremation, to me that smoke could easily be taken as having been a spiritual vehicle for the soul

and how fitting it is to ascend heavenwards-a very comforting thought do you agree?

hope you keep well.

Rose 💋

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Sun 25th Oct 2020 18:31

My thanks also to Tony Hill, Stephen Gospage, and Stephen Atkinson, for the additional Likes awarded.

Blessings. P.

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Sun 25th Oct 2020 07:54

Thank you Moon Girl also, for the like. P👍

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Sat 24th Oct 2020 22:27

Thank you Rose - these occasions often a gathering of half remembered faces - and the wondering of 'what-ifs', and who is the next one due to go, and not always following due order in terms of the sequence suggested by age.

I trust you keep well.



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Rose Casserley

Sat 24th Oct 2020 22:07

As to the number of times I have been in that scenario Philipos, I can count on five fingers

belonging to a lot of other hands.

That grim, oft rainy half day out with the undertaker.

Loved the poem.

Rose 💋

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