Missed query?

Swayed away by
The serene spells;
The kid anchored
Like a cherub
In paternal hand
Keeps winding the stairs
Up the lighthouse...!

The winding mesh
Like paper made
Ladder ;stretched
Out from heaven

St Peter smiled at her!

She reached the top
Delving hard like
A warrior!! 
Mesmerized by the 
Brimming beauty down;

The earth with its lush
Green and blue lines
Thrashing down 
The tower she 
Saw the darting
Light rolling atop
The tower..

A question engulfed
Her throat with
Such genuine sense
She dare asks it
To the watch man on its top. 
"By the way why this light here??" 
The brooding silence
Was shattered by the 
Loud applause 
"Afterall its a light house he na; bheta"
The curves on his grim 
Sunken lips receded 
With a frisky swish
It closed the smile..

Yes!! we all dare not to ask
Though often bewitched by
The surrounding beauty
Missing the real mark
Many a times in this
Falling Sand of life!!
                   ..... .... by Krishnadeepthy

◄ Beware love temples!


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Fri 23rd Oct 2020 03:05

Thanku Paul Sayer.
Im so happy to find that it spread the light as u said...it came out of a moment when all of us try to miss our mark unknowingly bewitched by surrounding beauty n forgetting the real guiding light... ☺️❤️

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Paul Sayer

Thu 22nd Oct 2020 19:11

This is a poem that shines a light right across the globe.

Its rays bath me in a balm of soothing light that illumes my mind.


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