Human Rights laws are now a distant memory 
If ancestors can hear I’m sure they’re screaming “tragedy”
Just like trees communicate and give aid to the weak
Our aura interacts without needing to speak 
Our immune systems talk without you needing to like me 
& establishment knew this only happens when you’re near me.
We need our vitamin D and all the germs and bacteria 
To build up our defences to protect our interior
This is exactly why they want you caged in your house 
Immune systems weaken with isolation and doubt 
Do not take my word for it, research it for yourself 
While you are there search 19th century health 
Big banks are big pharma - blood stained money as their armour 
The central banking systems dictate how much our country gets 
Whilst transcorporations, tech and government get into bed 
Police like surveillance is now being rolled out 
DNA and data is all you are classed as now
1984 is here and what’s the great reason?
A virus that’s killed less than a bad flu season 
Nurses and doctors all over the planet 
Calling covid19 out as organised bullshit 
Human rights and medical lawyers
Risking careers, screaming truth in the foyers 
Truthers have been silenced on the big tech platforms 
Gates paid them off to conduct the informational reforms
This fight is not new it’s been waging for time
Good vs evil, it’s time the truth came to light
The noble and the wealthy have dictated too long 
So much injustice, so much has gone wrong 
We sent people to the moon, put cameras in our orbits,
We industilisaed nations, you know what we should have done before this? 
We could have solved the delegation of necessities
So that hunger and thirst no longer kills humanity 
We could have arrested all the nonces no matter their status 
We could have learned that the twisted are also the prestigious 
We could have kept in touch with our ancestral routes 
Kept reading and learning about history and truth 
Slavery in 2020 - they don’t need to take the books away 
Instead you search and they choose which links to display 
Lies and truth are black and white right?
This era is grey with a hint of clouded light 
The light is still there if you chip at the painting 
But don’t wait too long, the painting aint waiting 
Each day more and more colour is brushed on
The mainstream media choosing what’s on 
Look at your screen for your preemptive programming 
Behavioural psychologists create this programming 
Don’t just believe me search MINDSPACE pdf 
Then come back and tell me that this isn’t mental theft 
Our destinys' infiltrated with psychological warfare 
Don’t be surprised when they create biological warfare 
Just like they created ISIS and staged 911 
The same 7/7, burned Grenfell, stole Palestine and starved Yemen.
I say this to you because it’s time you wake up 
See the world clearly, it’s clearly fucked up
9 million people still die from lack of food and water
You wouldn’t be complacent if it was your son or your daughter 
240,000 children go missing in Great Britain yearly 
Please do not tell me that the 1% care so dearly 
That they would crash the global markets
And destroy all what they’ve made 
To avoid the mass in caskets 
No. They’re all getting paid. 
Boom and bust to cradle the wealth 
To the upper echelons, under the guise of health 
Local shops and sole traders will soon go bust 
That’s okay, the big corporates provide enough
You know they’re changing industry right?
Lab grown meat, artificial sweeteners and GMO shite.
It’s like 1913 all over again 
When big pharma invented meds instead of vitamins because they couldn’t patent them 
Avoid what the Mother Earth gave us at all costs 
We cannot profit from it, so we must fuck it off

I cannot sit comfortably with these uncomfortable truths 
And not be concerned for the future of the youths 
All I can hope for is that people will awaken 
Unless they all awaken humanity will be forgotten 
I really wish I was being a dramatic little woman
A wise man could sit down with me and explain the miscommunication. 
But like many I’ve never been comfortable on earth 
Knowing that Humanity is not realising their worth 
If they did they would shout and fight for those with silenced voices 
Demand that those in charge are always making better choices
Instead we buy their blood stained oil, their limb choked diamonds 
The garments that smell of life exploitation, polluted lands and oceans
The electronics carved with the grazed bloody hands of an African child
The pills & prescriptions that worsen problems once mild 
Hasn’t humanity had enough?
enough war, enough death
enough gore, what’s left...
We’ve spent so long in this paradox reality,                                                               where we ignore the suffering as long as it’s not affecting me
They say we’ve progressed since the 1st industrial revolution 
The women and their mirrors created the vain illusion 
And now both are at it, more concerned with appearance 
Than justice, peace, humanity and truth interference 
In a world with information at your fingertips 
Ignorance is chosen, too concerned with your shopping trips 
But I’m not judging, I was once the same
The diamonds, the money, the wealth and the game 
I wanted that life just like you do now 
But realities pot holes were roaring too loud 
All you have to do is start asking some questions 
So that humanity will learn from their ancestors lessons.

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trevor homer

Wed 28th Oct 2020 20:29

There's something of the Beat poets going on here, but with rhyme.
I hear what you say Connie. Regards

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Connie Walter

Thu 22nd Oct 2020 19:48

I loved that... 💕

Thank you for your kind words, and I look forward to reading more of your work in the future.

Take care

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Paul Sayer

Wed 21st Oct 2020 17:24

Don't leave it so long next time.

I can't stand the stress of wondering what you will pen next.

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Paul Sayer

Wed 21st Oct 2020 16:58


Top marks

Bang on Connie.

At last, another who is aware of their awareness
Unlike the 99% who could not care a less
unplug from the tele
unplug from your phone
get back to reality
trust me; you are not alone.

There are plenty who have seen behind the curtain
uncovered the truth, legions are lurking
gathering in groups, gaining in numbers
us tin foil hat brigade unlike the numbnuts
they call us conspiracy buffs
terrorists, deserters.
When I look through my scope
all I see are placentas.
Sucking up the reality that they're being fed
On the telebox and internet, mostly brain dead.
Our governments never lie to us
They work for us, they all shout
They do what we tell them, now stop all this fuss.

Poor old Boris and his Bullingdon boy chums
Swooning about this COVID attack ravaging our lungs
What an opportunity to curfew us all
Most for this nonsense certainly will fall.
While the whole world is in lockdown
Their ultimate direly plans will unfurl
Affecting every single person
man, women and child.


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