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Paul Sayer

Tue 27th Oct 2020 11:11

Hello Krishnadeepthy, may we keep on throwing light in those dark corners, that others may see their way out.

Thank you also, for your like.


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Paul Sayer

Thu 22nd Oct 2020 22:13

Thanks, Stephen A and Connie for hitting the like the more flowers the better.

I may have very little of the folding stuff, however, there are no pockets in shrouds. I store up my treasure in heaven. The safest deposit account in existence...

Always the optimist the one who is prone to utopianism despite what my poetry portrays 🤣


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Paul Sayer

Thu 22nd Oct 2020 09:59

LOL, Brain you make life sound so simple and enjoyable... A thing that we almost seem to forget at times.

Don't forget to get your pasty mate.

Our halls of power are full of merchant bankers.

( A touch of the old Cockney rhyming slang is always fun don't ya think?)

Have a great day
Thanks for dropping in

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Paul Sayer

Thu 22nd Oct 2020 09:54

I must tell you Vautaw this is exactly what I and my old friend 'The Big Guy' have already discussed in depth.

It is a 100% certainty that it WILL feature in the Pantheon.

I will send you a link to Big Sals seeds.

Not many people know this but I am very passionate about old fashioned seeds, and the biodynamic way of planting depending on the changing seasons and the phases of the moon.

Who knew that Po was "a Renaissance polymath"

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Brian Maryon

Thu 22nd Oct 2020 09:51

A dystopian image Paul, and there will be a lot of folk only too keen to jump on board and have a go at bankers, ministers etc. But the truth is that in this country, as in the western world in general, our money is in safe hands...unlike the third world where it can be disappeared in an instant.

Anyway, it's a nice sunny day here in Worcester so I'm off to join my mates on a bike ride, and when we get to the pub if they start banging on about the app I shall claim to be too old to embrace the new-fangled technology.

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Thu 22nd Oct 2020 00:38

That’s quite a resume Paul. Perhaps we should add seed exchange to the Pantheon!

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Paul Sayer

Wed 21st Oct 2020 23:07

V, I have been making a potagerie in readiness for the spring.

You are 100% on the money (pun intended).

I am loving retirement and lockdown.
I have accomplished 18 months of work in the last three months.

Nothing beats the taste of biodynamic, homegrown herbs, fruits and veggies.

Poet, mystic, head gardener and chef Paul.

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Wed 21st Oct 2020 22:57

Someday they will see, money doesn't mean a thing. I will be sure to harvest my fruit trees. It will sustain me while the greedy duke it out over the illusion of wealth. ❤

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Paul Sayer

Wed 21st Oct 2020 21:58

Hello, Stephen thanks for dropping in and hitting that like.


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Paul Sayer

Wed 21st Oct 2020 21:57

I never watch or read anything on the internet Greg, especially and including anything and everything I write or say.

That way I keep all of my critical analytical powers of discernment honed to perfection.


No dear, I'm not on that stupid poetry site again.

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Greg Freeman

Wed 21st Oct 2020 19:45

Be careful. One of the lesser known signs of Long Covid is believing any old rubbish you read on the internet. Have you read that?

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Paul Sayer

Wed 21st Oct 2020 18:29

See my PM

<Deleted User> (24283)

Wed 21st Oct 2020 18:25

We can always discuss but let's not talk..
Dont ya think😉

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Paul Sayer

Wed 21st Oct 2020 18:20

To use a well-used phrase by Margaret Hilda Thatcher, Baroness Thatcher, was a British stateswoman who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1979 to 1990.

"Yes I know my dear, but we can't tell the people."

<Deleted User> (24283)

Wed 21st Oct 2020 18:13

A poet called Po...or pooh🐇

<Deleted User> (24283)

Wed 21st Oct 2020 18:12

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Paul Sayer

Wed 21st Oct 2020 18:06

Thank you Moon.girl for your comments like and constant support.

It is unfair to single out just one person, family, nation.

We are ALL to blame if truth be told.
It has never changed since days of old.

The rich keep getting richer
the poor are poorer still
All I can do is write a poem
its this or I become quite ill.

I wish I had an answer
to cure all mankinds woe
For thou I am just a man
a poet, some call Po.

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