Whether we use them or not

our ancient churches are a

National treasure, full of the

architectural gems awaiting

that eureka discovery – back

in time the ancient masons

kept tally on salary earned by

carving their initials in places


hard to find – perhaps up near

the spandrels of an ancient

place for worshippers. – Whilst

church is less the thing for most

these days, there is no doubting

of the splendour and the carving

by the craftsmen of the bygone

ways, and which never ceases to


amaze the time detective's eyes.

Those chisellers of stone who

carved their mini masterpieces

might still look down from bluer

skies and take a pride in how they

charmed the later generations with

an aftful craftsmanship of the day.

So, let's pray things remain that way






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Wed 21st Oct 2020 08:50

Further thanks also to Chris, and Shifa, for the Like. P

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Tue 20th Oct 2020 21:59

Thanks for that input John.

I didn't about that side of things.



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John Coopey

Tue 20th Oct 2020 21:43

Besides being his invoice, those mason's marks were a Track and Trace quality assurance system. The Head Mason could tell whose work a block was. "That's crap, lad. Take it out and do it again". They worked in both directions.

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Tue 20th Oct 2020 21:23

Keith, when living around the Fens, I noticed decommissioned churches aplenty.

It is a sad old state of affairs I know and something I would not wish to trivialise.

But didn't I read somewhere that the solace of the Almighty can be found in the heart.

I also know about the argument in favour of churches such as the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris which are crumbling with age and which epitomise such dilemmas encountered.

I also recognise that shrines such as the former grand cathedral in Constantinople, may undergo changes in usage due to political and other influences.

It is a conundrum I haven't yet cracked.

I await the consecrated balm of understanding.

My thanks also to Jordyn for the like.



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keith jeffries

Tue 20th Oct 2020 19:17

This poem highlights the sad fact that many churches, especially in rural areas, are in a state of decay simply because no one goes to them anymore. At the expense of losing our heritage and faith might not the hierarchy of this institution give some thought as to their real mission in this world?

Thank you for this

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