There is an absence of them I note, now that

ripened  thornberries litter the ground  and

having adorned the hedge row shrubs -  a lack

of birds I mean, darting from branch to branch

trying to appear nonchalant but ever aware of


a predator's hawk like eyes - speaking of which

kites are more noticeable currently - monitoring

the merest movement now that autumn is afoot

and all species needing stored energy for  wintry

months that lay ahead - and with the hint of snow 


littering the ground beneath and felines sharpening

their scratchy claws - moggies needing to beef up

hopeful of pouncing on a hapless finch or cardinal or

any of the other dwindling species of the passerines

as the cup of plenty pauses for a winter's breath




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Mon 19th Oct 2020 18:41

Thank you Stephen and New Shoes, so glad you liked.

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