I sizzle the dream of fine red sand
and step over mnts here in my land
I can equate mutation in consciousness
w/ truth too simple to understand 

My blotchy skin might well never end
or then again it might never begin
the password to my imaginary world
started as Garden and now it's Heroine

I've got no alcohol here in my flat
but the smuggler's dropping me off some soon
I'm content w/ just myself and the cat
but I still dream on of a distant moon

Palaces are the wench servants of caves
way up here on my ineffable planet
it's highly frowned upon for me to text you
and it took years of subterfuge to plan it

Diagonalised by omnijective interface
of random access co-imagination
I was diagnosed because two of my elders
were on the doors computer game on the Playstation

I work in special fur but am not gay
I'm available for love but you're light years away
my time-machine has got Gucci guns
and runs on love under red, triangular suns

My planet's rings go round and round,
round and round, round and round, 
my planet's rings go round and round 
like fresh waves in the fallen-off seascape. 









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