Today, probably fallen out of youth,
I g-a-v-e clean away the sheet where
pictures attesting to my own score grew
to my brother who visited me on the ward.

Today, I also gave clean away
my copy of The Lords And The New Creatures
to an Asian-extract film student
still young and trendy and took both back.

Today, I asked myself if I was foreknown
for having grown the new colour 
in a semblance of scar on my foreskin
back in the bath tub at prep school.

Today, I asked myself if the CIA
were listening in to my phonecall away
because I'd spoken against Sept 11th
in 2000 whilst still a schoolboy

and I laughed at how they'd only have heard
stuff like “mate have you got any weed?”
and “does this massage parlour
accept full sexual intercourse?”












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