The reddened life

Redness is what

The life saviour

That binds me to you

Give life to me and you!

Redness is what

You gave me clothed

In red roses of love

Soaked in your 

Passion of love

Redness is what 

They expect from me

To show when the

Clarion call of comradeship 

Touches my lobe!

The same redness is what

My body shows me

Every month recalling

Im a woman !

Redness is what I

Expect from you

In toto of your manliness!

The same redness is what

We see as the audacious 

Testimony of atrocity

The reddish eye of cruelty!

The redness is what

We felt in the purple kiss

Of red street wantons

And lecherous eyes of men!


The same redness is not

'My blue'; my likable color

I proudly declares;deeply

Swathed in red satin

With the same redness 

Inseparable redness!

◄ The shadows

Beware love temples! ►


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