I thank you for everything you do

Fulfilled my needs, wants and desires

Made my dreams come true

To the point they helped me grow

The moment the things turned bitter

With a little heartbreak you let it whither

I thank thee today and forever

For accepting my prayers in my favour

What you accepted was good for me

What you didn't accept was favourable for me

I cant see the bigger picture as of now

But my heart knows to your will, it should bow

For what is, it's good for now

For what will be, will be best for me

With these thoughts in my mind

I smile, laugh and beautifully shine

In this glorious sunshine of warmth and care

I'm happy for you have removed my hurt and pain away

◄ Love struck

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Wed 14th Oct 2020 11:11

Thnx Po. Indeed! It has.

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Paul Sayer

Sun 11th Oct 2020 12:03

Peace returns to stormy seas and waves desist their incessant crashing and gently lap upon the shore of conciseness.

Tricking over your naked toes to cool your fevered soul.
The sun sets on another perfect day.

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