Dreaming of the day I might walk into heaven

Imaginning the atmoshere of the heavens

It was made as the number seven

 With perfection and completeness

I can litterally taste the sweetness

The sweetness of your aroma

Overwhelmed with feelings

I might drop into coma

The thought of entering your dwelling place

Makes me want to fall on my face

It is your grace that sets us free

Without needing to be perfect

Still all loving to every addict

Taking away there pain and afflict

Your heaven is a place of Worship, Love and Peace

Causing all souls to increase

All wanting to be with you in Heaven

Running far away from Sheol

Your face you must reveal

So I can drop to my knees and kneel

For your Glory fills the heavens

It's contagious

Causing all to be mighty and courageous

In Heaven God's surrounded by a Heavenly court

Once in Heaven You can never fall short

I can just imagine all the heavenly beings

Seeing them, I'll be overwhelmed with new feelings

On my last judgement day

I pray

That You will crown me

That moment knowing I';m  finally free

Lord please grant me the Key

The key to your Kingdom

I am your chosen sheep

Only my good deeds, I will reap

I hear your voice at the gates of your kingdom

I cry out to you

Freedom Freedom

Recieving Heaven will be my highest income

I imagine all the marvelous Angels

Dancing on your Golden streets

I can't wait for the day I stand next to your Holy seat

Will I gain a pair of wings? My King

I can't wait to see you face to face

It is only because of your grace

that I will step into the Holy of Holys

In Heaven You will wipe away all my tears

And lift away all my fears

And death will be no more

neither shall there be any mourning

Nor crying or pain

You and I will dance together in the rain

Untill that day

I'll stand here and sway

Sway back and forth to the sounds of your grace

Heaven is only a pray away

And a gift to rise from the grave

I will enter your heaven

To worship you only

Because You My King are Holy

It is because of the blood of the lamb

The great I am

That we can dream of Heaven










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