Well- come

Welcome my friend, good to have you back

Life on wol wasn't the same, ever since you went

My poetic soul is recovering now, coming back to life

Inspiring words you type, my eyes reads and mind guides

Motivational lyrics and humorous wannabes, just went missing

I see the moon back in the sky once again, and light around it shines too

Hope it isn't a one night loop you are playing with your poetic group

It's not everyday we have the moon to stare, but just few days it's out of sight

So follow the nature and understand our plight

Hoping to hope so much seeing the hopelessness vanishing

Brimming with truth, the waterfalls of poetic read drops in here

Who says friends aren't family, they are more so one of their kind

It feels so much home today, being back seeing some lovely poems on screen

I wont sound a flattering foe, so I might not comment on your poems

I ain't a flattering friend to gain something in return of my encouragement 

Rather it's the connection cosmic that forces words to flow from deep within

As I read your souls wishes, whims, fancies, desires  dreams and woes

My soul arose reading these and those, sensical and sensual writes

Once again I welcome thee back on wol, my lovely dear friend of poetic might


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Mon 5th Oct 2020 01:43

I understand Po aka Paul Sir.

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Paul Sayer

Sun 4th Oct 2020 19:03

The stage is set, the band plays our tune
I see you’ve gone changed your name again

Behind walls built upon sand
I will eternally stand
For when they crumble and fall
You will see Po transformed into Paul

My mask was a cover
To keep governments safe
As their jets innocents daily strafed

I am a lone voice
That shouts at the moon
A change is coming
I’ve seen in the stars
I’m starting to swoon

Free now to chart
A course through those stars
Following my sextant
To my soulmate my dear
Right there where you are.

What a waltz we will dance
And a tango fandango
To see our days
And nights through.


Sun 4th Oct 2020 18:58

I can hear some lyrics
Whispers getting louder

But I ain't any saint nor any attention seeker

Your oaths and pledges
Will you ever keep?

Don't break me ever again....bruised and wounded still recovering

You sleep a night of lovely dreams

How beautifully you worked the art and helped God to align

Prayers to be made

But I just cant understand something
How this miracle happened overnight?

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Paul Sayer

Sun 4th Oct 2020 18:44

words are the key to my soul
you got me singing.

The work goes on

I carry on

no rift was torn
this oath is sworn

Others may try to forge a divide
this old gipsy boy is still by your side
Don't forget to pray for the angels
for then the angels forget to pray for us

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Paul Sayer

Sun 4th Oct 2020 18:20



This is poetry

Like a dervish, I’ll whirl around you in the centre
Like the planets orbit the sun like an eternal adventure

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Paul Sayer

Sun 4th Oct 2020 18:15

Again on the right, it is just you and me
Not many others names do I see
Eclipsed by the sun that shines so bright
In the daytimes, the moon loses it light

Fear not my souls’ journey will always return
To find meaning in life, it is this that I learn
You replenish my ardour fill me with zeal
For what is poetry for folk who can’t feel?


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Paul Sayer

Sun 4th Oct 2020 18:07

If I had a wish, this wish it would be
To be a poet like him who has enchanted thee
To write words on a page that melted your heart
I wish I could write love poems, but where does one start?

In sorrow, I write for fear of being alone
What use is a throne to a king on his own
An empty palace with no queen at my side
Alone and empty so many tears I’ve cried

Moon girl for sure you would be my orbit
My wealth my Kingdom I would surly forfeit
I gaze at the moonbeams shine all around
Yet in my heart only darkness is there to be found

Your beautiful adorning smile
Your other Avatar taunts me and beguiles
There are so many sides that you keep hidden
Your poetry in motion in perfect rhythm


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