As I enter to reach the shore

I take a round trip around to reach the door

The exit seems so lost and far off 

Where In the matrix i do stand


As i sat solving the huge cut out jig saw

Each piece i tried placing in order of the draw

This huge puzzle seems to have no end here

As i look beyond pieces to picture a better day


Making the rat run a topsy turvy ride

A race if life for hunger to subside

On the other end lay cheese bricks store

Many lockdowns and cut off on many a road


As many do say that monkey tries to eat the grapes

He returned home crying to the fruit he couldn't make

It was sour or sweet, the tastes couldn't be smelled from tree

But as the saying goes it was far to sour to eat, but where is this tree?


The ship set on a sail with captain to steer and direct

Sitting relaxed basking under the sun to reach the destination soon

Until the tides hit and roaring sea came up the deck on new moon

To realize on a bitter plane what would the outcome of our journey 

◄ Divine gifts of love

Well- come ►



Sun 4th Oct 2020 18:37

May you shine brighter with the thrills of blissful knowledge n wisdom

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Paul Sayer

Sun 4th Oct 2020 17:12

I always get a rise on the blue pill

The eye points skywards


Sun 4th Oct 2020 16:57

Po, the blue pill is dangerous and Nigel double cheese can be harmful.....but let's celebrate. 😃

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Nigel Astell

Sun 4th Oct 2020 13:19

A double cheese brick on toast with a grapefruit juice please.

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Paul Sayer

Sun 4th Oct 2020 12:38

I'll take the blue pill

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